How to be a Licensed and Trained Dogman?

What is a Dogman Trained For?

A dogman is trained to guide cranes on construction or mining sites. They are trained to evaluate the weight of the load, according to the capacity of the crane. A dogman’s job is also to use tag lines to attach lifting devices to a hoist. It is their responsibility to identify the bulk of the load to be moved, and also to choose and inspect the lifting gear required for the job. A trained dogman applies effective slinging techniques for the job, depending on the different conditions on a site.

A dogman has to be well trained in communicating with others through hand signals, whistles and should learn to use the fixed two-way radios. Moreover, a dogman is taught to identify and prevent any potential dangers on the worksite. Thus, you can say that a dogman is a very crucial part of the construction process.

Learn the Skills that you Need from MultiSkills Training.

To be successful in any profession that you choose, proper training is a fundamental prerequisite to being good at your work. Insufficient or improper training will not only cost your job but also cause errors that can adversely affect the safety of a site. Moreover, proper training from a leading institute not only gives you the required training but also helps you get the necessary licenses associated with the job.

As dogging is considered a high-risk job, you require a nationally recognized High- Risk Work license to work as a dogman in Australia. The main feature of dogging that requires a license is the application of slinging techniques to a load. To get a dogging license you will have to train for a dogman course from a reputed training institute. The experts there will ensure that you are able to calculate the right and safe angle for each sling, identify the sling or chain that should be used for the job.

A comprehensive dogman course from a reputed place such as MultiSkills Training is designed to teach you the safety aspects of dogging, along with the above-mentioned features. You will get the knowledge required to perform accurate slinging techniques and will also learn to recognize to select the right method of securing loads, the safest method to move loads, and also check the lifting gear for any wear and tear.

MultiSkills Training offers several kinds of training courses such as Rigging, advanced rigging, traffic management, first aid, and a lot more, other than an outstanding dogging course. The experts here also help with gaining confidence along with knowledge and understanding. The atmosphere here is highly professional and well-organized, which adds to your learning experience. Once you qualify as a licensed dogman from MultiSkills Training, you can get trained to become a rigger, which will further help you with a successful career.

Once you complete your 5-day dogman training services at MultiSkills Training and get your High-Risk Work license, you will have excellent work opportunities in the construction, manufacturing, and mining industries. To get a head-start and be efficient at your work, enroll with them at the earliest.

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