Practicing What They Preach – Why a Schools Mission Statement is Important

You can read a school’s mission statement and come away impressed by its vision. But a mission statement is just an idea and if that idea is not being followed then the mission statement is an empty promise. When choosing a school for your child, think about the school’s mission statement and find out whether they practice what they preach.

Aligning the Mission Statement with the Values of the School

All too often, a school’s mission statement is drawn up by a few top administrators who are not in touch with the community and stakeholders. This leads to a disconnect between the board and the school. When choosing a school, look for evidence that the school community had a hand in creating the mission statement. If you have ever visited Niva, you will see that what they say on their website – – aligns with their vision for the school. A school’s mission statement should be what is important to the school community.

School Environment

Another way to see if the school stands by its vision is to schedule a school tour. This way you will learn more about the school environment and whether the school sticks by its values. For example, if you come across a school that promotes inclusiveness, respect, and support, you should feel like these values are being followed when you walk around the school.

  • Do kids look happy in the environment?
  • Is there a mutual respect between staff and students?
  • Is there any evidence of support from teachers or administration?

While touring the campus, it should be easy to see whether the school adheres to their core values. You can also look for physical signs, remembering that a school does not have to be well funded or wealthy to show it is being cared for.


When choosing a school and evaluating its mission statement, check for consistency. Are they saying one thing and doing the other? There should be no confusion in the school, although it can be difficult, a good school that stands by its values will work diligently to ensure consistency to reflect its principles.

When choosing a school for kids, you often read about their mission statement, but how do you know they live by it? Once you understand their core values, make an appointment and schedule a school visit. While touring the campus, you will quickly see whether their mission statement reflects what you see at the school.

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