One of the most important goals we have is to make your placement a great place to work. This goal is best measured by our ability to develop a Guaranteed Employment Process, that attracts and retains exceptional people and allows us to grow our staffing service. We are confident that our approach, combined with many hospital clerical career opportunities and a competitive compensation plan, makes us a place where applicants can thrive and succeed very fast - in less then a week.

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  • Hi, I have received my employment confirmation and have started working at TGH. Thank you. HUC Training Program and Employment process were awesome and with all the help of your team I am going towards a great future. I started my job yesterday – great first day.  Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I appreciate all the help you gave me.  My Head Nurse is also great. I met many RN’s, too.Best Regards,


  • Thank u so much for helping me get hired so fast and may the Lord bless you. I hope you will like my short "comment card" that is from the bottom of my heart.


  • I like your employment program so much more than my Medical Office Administration for which I paid $12,000 and which got me nowhere. Thank you also for connecting me already to my local hospital. They already called me and I have my interview scheduled for next Monday 10AM. I feel confident and ready to start this great career.


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If you apply for a job and it is no longer available, we will immediately refer you to another similar job. If there are no open positions, we will email you as soon as we find one.