A 3D Printer is being used to print a House

A real house printed from a real printer? Yes, you read that right. The Dutch architecture studio Universe Architecture is putting this idea into action. The house they are planning to print will be the first of its kind and will actually be able to be inhabited. This development could lead to a myriad of possibilities for the future of architecture, as well as the way we view building technology in general best australian online casino fast payout.

The printer responsible for making this concept a reality is the D-Shape, which is a free-form printer that is capable of producing buildings. Similarly to how a regular printer operates on paper, the D-Shape strains a binder on a layer of sand. The D-Shape can turn sand, dust, or gravel into a compacted state. The result is a surface that can be compressed or bent easily, allowing more creative construction of buildings. The D-Shape is also incredibly fast at doing its job.

Like its home office counterpart, the D-Shape requires no work from humans. So basically there’s a machine out there that eliminates the need for manual labor when it comes to construction. A Universe Architecture architect has already been approached to build housing for the impoverished.

As for the house, this larger-than-life printer will create 6 x 9 meter sections that will later need to be joined together. Each section will have hollow areas that will be filled with fiber-reinforced concrete to make the construct sturdier. From bus stops to statues, the D-Shape has been used to build just about everything short of a house.

The estimated time for the construction is 18 months. If high roller casino online, goes as planned, the Landscape House will resemble loops based on a strip. The house will have no seams in its continuous, looping design, which is possible so far only through the use of the D-Shape.

With such advances in the technology of construction, it’s hard to know what will come out next. Maybe we’re not so far off from the hovering dome edifices of science fiction after all. Better yet, maybe there’s a possibility of affordable housing that uses up fewer resources in humanity’s future!

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